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Digital print media.

APPLICATION: Widely used as digital print and adhesive sheets for posters, billboards, banners, illuminated signs, and shop displays.

  • Film used :PVC
  • Adhesive used :Acrylics

Medical Film

The mostly-PVC composition is designed for hygienic non-transferability.


  • Bandaids, available in a wide range of colors, surface shapes and print patterns
  • Plasters, with adhesive formulations for excellent cutaneous sensation
  • Transdermal absorption patches, with drug compatibility work to alleviate discomfort when attached to the skin
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive sheets, adhesive bandages and dressings, surgical tape and other medical supply uses


Vinyl chloride film with excellent performance in all specifications.

APPLICATION: Plywood and cabinetry surface veneers, decorative display labels and other indoor marking, medical plasters and other transdermal absorption materials, industrial adhesive tapes, etc.

Vinyban™ Decorative Wood Film

Cosmetic film for TV and stereo cabinets and other household items.

APPLICATION: For home appliances and furniture: various types of furniture, sideboards, etc. For construction materials: ceilings, walls, floors, etc.

Vinyban™ Vacuum Press Film (BHS Film)

Surface cosmetics for building materials.


  • Housing interiors: System kitchens, doors, sideboards, etc.
  • Furniture: Tables, cabinets, etc.

Vinyban™ Decorative Film for Metal

Easy-to-process, colorful sheets for metal.


  • General Specification : Interior walls, curtain rods, etc.
  • Exterior Specification : Roofs, exterior walls, pillar covers, storm shutters, etc.
  • Anti-Sulfidation Specification : Spas, electric ranges, refrigerators, etc.
  • Cold Resistance Specification : Cabinetry, furniture
  • Non-Migration Specification : Cabinetry, furniture
  • Anti-Mold Specification : Bathroom ceilings, walls, bath aprons

Vinyban™ Curved Surface Transfer Printing Film

Maximum transfer to curved surfaces.


  • Thickness: 0.1 – 0.2mm, width: 90 – 135cm
  • Flat, two-sided and three-sided surfaces
  • Furniture, closets, kitchen doors, other household material uses

Vinyban™ Premium Wall Covering Film

Creating a distinctive new-era living environment.


  • Available in made-to-order surface designs, dimensions (thickness, width, length) and physical properties
  • Indoor applications, marine vessels, train cars, vehicles, elevators, public concourses, buildings, offices, stores, countertops, furniture

Vinyban™ Special Strength Citron Film

Sophisticated film with superior design.

APPLICATION: Various film overlaminates, consumer electronics, office equipment, building materials (in housing, premium wall coverings, furniture), flooring (tile, etc.) Available in made-to-order surface designs, dimensions (thickness, width, length) and physical properties.

Vinyban™ Marking Film

PVC film material also called adhesive paint.


Vinyban™ Taping Film

With over 40 years of production experience, we have specifications to suit your application.

APPLICATION: 9 specifications available to suit your application

  • insulation
  • flat electric wires
  • harness (bonding)
  • stationery
  • packaging (food can seals)
  • anti-corrosion (underground pipe protection)
  • substrate surface protection
  • pipe surface protection
  • paint masking


Polyolefin-base film sheet using Bando’s resin compounding and processing expertise.



Heat adhesion marking sheet.

APPLICATION: Letters and drawings are cut out with a cutting machine and marked on a special/general cloth/fabric such as sports wear by thermocompression bonding (pressing).

PVC Leather

Richly colored surface designs for shoes and bags.


  • Leather types include general and foamed such as PVC shoes, bags, furniture, sporting goods

Specialty leather includes:

  • Mold-proof and antibacterial, used in nursing shoes and in aprons used by food handlers
  • Antistatic, used in clean room gloves and shoes
Call (65) 6475 2233 for product details and brochure.
Call (65) 6475 2233 for product details and brochure.
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