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Bando Squeegees

Satisfying various needs in screen printing.

APPLICATION: Print circuit boards, ceramic condensers, flat panel displays, compact disks, touch panel screen printing.


Precision polishing using advanced dispersion processing technology.

APPLICATION: Polishing of optical communication connectors and LCD display components.

BANDO MDEC™(Micro Dust Electric Cleaner)

Cleaning system with charge control on the roller surface.

APPLICATION: Micro dust removal in manufacturing processes such as print circuit board (ceramic, flexible) and display (liquid crystal, touch panel)

Eletack™ High-Performance Cleaning Rollers

The handy cleaning roller thoroughly catches fine dust.


  • Type 1: FPC substrates
  • Type 2: Nameplates, ceramic sheets, thick uneven-surface substrates, screens
  • Type 3: Ultra-thin sheets, films, optical films, screen sheets
    ※Many other possibilities for use.

Free Crystal™ – BANCOLLAN Flexible Light Guiding Sheet

Flexibility without cracking.

APPLICATION: Light-guiding sheets for LED panels, signs, and LED lighting.

Call (65) 6475 2233 for product details and brochure.
Call (65) 6475 2233 for product details and brochure.
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